Florida Experiencing Plague with ‘Savage’ Termites, Giant Rats, Pythons…

Giant African rats are one of the many species invading Florida and slowly throwing off their ecosystem.

I’ve been saying that if you want to get your crime on, Florida is the place to be.  Not only crime, but despicable crimes against nature.  And now, it’s being reported that they are experiencing biblical-level, dangerous, slithering little criminals that are after Florida resident’s homes and general welfare.

It appears that the newest invaders in the state are setting up shop and taking down homes.  According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the nasutitermes corniger termite, which are native to the Caribbean, have decided to join forces with Florida’s 20 species of termites to wreck some stuff.  The level of mayhem these little bugs can cause is on par with California’s brush fires.

The report includes the activities of the termites which are:

“…feast on hardwood, foraging on trees, garden furniture and attack the outside wall of homes.

The termites differ from Florida’s other species because they are found above ground and can fly – making it easier for them to establish new nests.

They build tunnels running up the outside of houses and trees where they create beach ball sized nests weighing up to 28 kilograms.

And a single nest could hold more than a million termites, Rudolf H. Scheffrahn, professor of entomology at the University of Florida, told the Sun Sentinel.”

The other species that are invading the region and will continue to keep me out of Florida are:  giant African rats, Burmese Pythons, poisonous caterpillars and 14 ft. gators! Oh my!

The loss of mammals in the everglades are directly attributed to the giant gators and pythons.  They are losing a large number of mammals between these two characters.  And let us not forget the most dangerous of all the rest, George Zimmerman is still on the loose there as well.

Read more here. You’ll be shocked and amazed by these sinister character’s pictures and attributes.  Florida is on fire!

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