President Obama Losing Election to Felon in West Virginia?

Presidential candidate Keith Russell Judd, a convicted felon is beating Obama in the overall vote out of West Virginia for president.

We are in a horrible state of affairs anytime the race for our new President can include a felon serving time.  If ever there were a call for folks to hit the voting polls akin to the force of the 2008 elections…this is it!

President Obama lost in several counties in West Virginia to a felon serving 210 months in federal prison. Perennial candidate Keith Russell Judd, pulled down roughly 40 percent of the vote to Obama’s 60 percent, but beat him in several counties which would garner at least one delegate at the convention.

It’s surely no surprise that the president is not a popular candidate in West Virginia.  According to the report in Politico, he “lost the state to both Hillary Clinton and John McCain, in the primary and general election respectively.”  And both the state’s Democratic governor and senator have not endorsed him for reelection.

Let’s just pray that come voting time, there will be a massive turnout for our superhero president.  Read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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