Jokey Joke: The X Factor Hits Rock Bottom with Dueling Duet

X Factor Contestants Abby and Lisa that form the group "Ablisa" conclude their already doomed audition with a catastrophic ending.

*The X Factor has some of the best contestants the world has seen. But, a couple of years ago, two contestants dropped the competition to an all-time low.  They must’ve been chosen for a performance  in front of Simon and his team for entertainment purposes.  But, surely no one could’ve known how “entertaining” they would prove to be.

Abby and her friend Lisa, also known as the hideous group called Ablisa,  took to the stage to shock the world and that’s just what they did.  The two were not on the same page with the music and the overall performance from the very beginning.  But there were other factors as well.

Lisa is the most vocal of the two and she seems to have a few problems.  After their performance, she even asked one of the female judges:

“Who are you, may I ask?”

She tries to backpedal telling the co-hosts that she wasn’t trying to be facetious, she really did want to know.  During the beginning of their audition, Abby runs off stage because Lisa tells the crowd to “Shutuuuup!”  But after asking the judge who she was, Abby had an explosive response to Lisa THEN ran off the stage.

Their  performance was hideous and the judges were left perplexed by the entire presentation. Simon eventually said to one of the hosts:

“Can you pass on from me it’s four No’s.”

Check them out here.

-J.C. Brooks

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