Hate Group Arrested Before Impending ‘Race War’

Marcus Faella, 39 and Patricia Faella, 36, are the leaders of American Front, a racist hate group in St. Cloud, Florida.

Florida is busy, busy, busy with the most absurd crimes.  The media is riddled with stories coming out of the state that range in everything from bizarre to abhorrently disgusting.  Trayvon Martin’s story turned the microscope on the heated location and now a racially explosive group has been exposed.

Marcus and Patricia Faella, age 39 and 36, are the leaders of a violent skinhead group out of the central Florida city of St. Cloud called American Front. They were arrested, along with six other members, for the race war they had been planning for with weapons as well as planning to manufacture Ricin, a toxin that the U.S. government considers a weapon of mass destruction, according to the Daily Mail.

The Faella’s label the group “an organization that bills its mission as ‘religious and cultural preservation of the European people,’ ” according to the Sentinel.  The couple was released after paying $1 million in combined bail.  But the arrests are the second wave of busts in an ongoing FBI investigation that has been keeping an eye on the group.

The Anti-Defamation league calls American Front ‘a racist skinhead group’ that have been involved in violent crimes against Jews and other minority groups.  But prosecutors call them a ‘domestic terror group.’  Allegedly, Marcus Faella told members in their required military training to picture a “black person” when shooting at targets.

All of the members were charged with committing a hate crime and criminal conspiracy.  Read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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