Cornell University Students Attacked: ‘Come Here, Trayvon!’

Sigma Pi fraternity house on campus of Cornell University where students yelled racial slurs from the roof and threw bottles and unopened beer at black students passing by.

The racial climate of America seems like it has heightened rather than improved as was the general idea when this country voted in an African American president.  But, almost as soon as he entered the office, the racial attacks and disrespect for his office began.  Now the Trayvon Martin case has added fuel to the racial fire with a close watch on race crimes.

The latest case has shown up on the Cornell University campus right in front of one of the white fraternities called Sigma Pi.  Beverly Fonkwo is a Cornell student who was walking home with a friend when she said that the “unprovoked” attack began when a group on the fraternity roof started throwing objects that landed near the group walking behind them.

Fonkwo said some of the things thrown included Jack Daniels and an unopened beer that landed near the group.  The group asked them to stop and that’s when they yelled the unthinkable:

“Come up here, Trayvon!”

The incident was reported in The Cornell Daily Sun and the comments from students represented their outrage with the actions of the fraternity.  But the fraternity claims that they have identified the perpetrator and they plan to notify police of his identity.  They also claim that he was not  a member of the fraternity.  But wait!  Didn’t Fonkwo say it was a GROUP of individuals partaking in this crime?

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-J.C. Brooks

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