80-Year Old Twitter Sensation Seeks 80K Followers

Josephine Lamberti, 80, aka J Dimps, has become a Twitter sensation, but still seeks more followers.

We have discovered yet another grandma Internet sensation.  If you remember the grandma we reported on back in January, she danced to Rack City with her grandson at the computer helm.  But, this grandma is gaining a lot more attention on Twitter and seeking more…also with the help of her grandson.

J Dimps or Josephine Lamberti, 80, has been hitting the Internet hard with her sharp wit and hip hop moves.  She has been tweeted by celebrities like Justin Bieber, Missy Elliott, Rihanna, and 50 Cent.  Everyone is in support of her reaching 80,000 followers on Twitter.

The Staten Island grandma lost her husband a few years ago and recently asked her grandson, Donny Brandefine, 24, to help her learn the Internet.  She had started to get bored, she told the New York Times:

“I was bored and I wanted some action, so I says, ‘Donny, you want to teach me the computer so I can, you know, tweet or something?’ ”

Well, she’s been tweeting or something!  She has some moves and she’s a witty young lady.  Her grandson is a personal trainer and he’s killing two birds with one stone because he’s advertising his skills through his grandmother.  Check her out below and read the full story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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