Mother and Daughters Survive Horrific Car Crash (Video)

Kelli Lynne Groves is rescued from her car after a tractor trailer truck rams her from behind and mangles her car against a bridge in Santa Barbara County, California back in January 2012.

If you never believed in God before,  January’s unthinkable car crash should have changed your mind.  A woman and  her children are surely thanking Him today because there hasn’t been a better reminder that he is in control than seeing this family survive.

Kelli Lynne Groves and her children, 10-year old Sage and her baby Milo that was 10-weeks old at the time of the accident, have a lot to be thankful for as the Santa Barbara County firefighters and even the Navy came in to save them.

A tractor trailer truck barreled into the back of Groves BMW causing her car to spin and hit a bridge. But, the driver of the truck, Charles Allison, careened off the bridge and fell 100 feet to his death as the Groves family dangled off the bridge awaiting the same fate.

Today, the family is doing well because of the fast reaction from Santa Barbara County firefighters and the Navy.  The Navy officers that were in the area when the accident occurred were the heroes of the day with a forklift type of rig that prevented the car from the trucker’s fate of falling into the ravine.

The Today show featured the family this morning and they all physically appear to have never even experienced such a devastating accident.  The infant was reported to have slept through the entire 2-hour rescue.  The daughter Sage was in critical condition with multiple fractures and the mother also suffered multiple fractures.

Check out the report here.

-J.C. Brooks

The Today show May 8, 2012 update:

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