Lion Tries to Eat Baby Mistakes Him for Baby Zebra (Video)

Baby doesn't realize a lioness wants to "play" with him at the Oregon Zoo.

Have you ever been to the zoo and you walk in the areas where only glass separate you from the animals?  Now envision one of your children interacting with one of the animals.  The curiosity between the two seem eerily dangerous even though the protective glass is between them.  But, the encounter doesn’t stop there as the animal takes on a dinner-like affinity with your child.

On April 26, one family that visited the Oregon Zoo thought it was cute that their child, dressed in black and white stripes, unbeknownst to him, was exciting a lion into a frenzy.  The lioness was clawing, licking, and biting at the glass as the baby sat by the window.

There are some (me) that believe the simulated mauling of a child is not entertaining.  But the baby’s parents were quite tickled by their child being oblivious to the attack.  You can hear them laughing as the baby keeps his attention on them and not the lioness.

Check it out!  Would you have moved your child away from the window?

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Lion Tries to Eat Baby Mistakes Him for Baby Zebra (Video)”

  1. oh my gosh, it’s funny! Really who is the writer of this? Think of how many Americas Funniest Home videos they show of people getting hurt, and yes they even show babies and kids falling and doing funny silly things. People get waaaayy more hurt on that show, no one was even hurt in this video? And there’s a reason why she made a FAMILY show on it, life’s funny! It’s life, seems like someone needs to stop being so uptight about life and laugh a little, danngg. 

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