Cell Phone Repair at Best Buy Results in Customer Falsely ‘Outed’ on Facebook

Rich Dewberry pranked by Best Buy employee that was supposed to be fixing his cell phone, but updated his "status" on Facebook as "gay."

Some people just don’t know where to stop with the jokes.  The American Pie/frat boy humor doesn’t go over well with the general public.  In fact, it could be hazardous to their health, depending on the person they try their pranks on.  So far, the newest prank has resulted in a guy being fired, but somehow it seems he really could care less.

A Best Buy employee was supposed to be helping Rich Dewberry when he came in to get his cell phone repaired, but instead he had more sinister intentions with the phone.  The employee (whose name was not released) signed on to Dewberry’s Facebook page and wrote:

“I am gay, I’m coming out.”

Dewberry hasn’t had a moment’s rest since.  Everyone has been calling his phone, probably to clarify, including his ex-wife, according to Yahoo! News.  She probably thought he was on the down-low during their marriage.  But, all of the curiosity over the new information has Dewberry completely unnerved:

“I feel I have been humiliated. My reputation has been tarnished.”

This is the beginning of the case, but there will probably be more ramifications for the, now, ex-Best Buy employee.  A lawsuit sounds like it is in order.

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-J.C. Brooks

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