Transgender Man Charged with Murder for Defending Self Against Attackers

Chrishaun "CeCe" McDonald attacked by racist homophobic assailants, but charged with murdering one of them during the assault in June 2011.

The Trayvon Martin case brought light to the “Stand Your Ground” law that seems to have only protected George Zimmerman.  All of the other cases we’ve reported on this matter are all in the favor of the attacked.  The newest case was a result of a transgender man defending himself against a racial/homophobic attack that resulted in the death of his attacker.

In Minneapolis, Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald was walking to the grocery store with friends when she was taunted with racist and homophobic remarks by Dean Schmitz, 47, and two women.  One of the women smashed a glass into McDonald’s face causing a laceration in her face.  But during the confrontation, McDonald stabbed Schmitz in the chest with fabric scissors and he died, according to the Black Youth Project.

McDonald was charged with felony murder in the second degree for Schmitz’s death without the consideration that she was defending herself.  Wednesday, McDonald accepted a plea agreement that will lessen the charge to manslaughter in the second degree.  The incident occurred June 2011 and she has been in custody since that time.

According to the Support CeCe McDonald website:

“McDonald will be sentenced on June 4th at 1:30pm under Hennepin County Judge Daniel Moreno to 41 months in prison. The executed sentence will be reduced by one third, for “good time” and credit for the time McDonald has served pending this resolution.”

There are several complaints regarding McDonald’s incarceration.  She did not receive proper healthcare for her injuries and was incarcerated in solitary confinement for a month, per the support site, “for being a transgender person.”  We’re not certain how they proved that, but McDonald’s case sounds similar to the testimony that George Zimmerman’s case and he simply walked away from the assault without incident…no arrest.

The report even states that the assailant, Schmitz, had a swastika tattooed on his chest and a past record of domestic violence.  The domestic violence charge will not be entered into evidence as a part of the case, but bad checks that McDonald has written will.

If you want to get updated on the case and also support McDonald go to the Support CeCe McDonald site here.

11 thoughts on “Transgender Man Charged with Murder for Defending Self Against Attackers”

  1. Nice article… save for it’s really confusing in its pronouns. See the GLAAD style guide.

    The most important thing is – please fix your headline. It should read “Transgender Woman Charged…”

    The pronoun mistakes are painful. Other than that, thank you for this nicely researched article!

  2. The only change I see is from MAN to MALE. ‘Cause you know MEN don’t go this route. Transgender MALE should be the headline. IMPO!!

  3. Please change the title to “Transgender Woman” and all pronouns to fit her identified gender. And the insults directed to her are transphobic in nature, not homophobic (and yes, misgendering Ms McDonald is also transphobic.)

  4. >The Trayvon Martin case brought light to the “Stand Your Ground” law that seems to have only protected George Zimmerman

    You DO realize that there is no “Stand Your Ground” law in Minnesota, right? It’s a state-by-state statute, not federal law. If Minnesota had SYG, she probably would have been acquitted for defending herself and not gotten any jail time at all. Food for thought.

  5. Please fix the pronouns in your title. It’s extremely disrespectful to this courageous woman to misgender her.

  6. Thank you very much for writing this article! I appreciate the information a lot, but I do agree with the other posters: I ask that you make changes to the headline and first paragraph. The rest of the article uses appropriate pronouns in reference to Ms. McDonald, but the use of the word “man” and masculine pronouns in the beginning of the article is offensive and inaccurate.

    I also question the use of the term “homophobic” in reference to the attack. If the assailant didn’t comprehend that Cece is a transgendered woman and was therefore attacking her under the misunderstanding that she is homosexual, please make an effort to clarify that in the article. Otherwise, I would suggest you change the term “homophobic” to “transphobic” to provide more accurate information.

    Thanks for your time and consideration!

  7. yes please change the wording!! A transgender male refers to a ‘female to male’ trans person, and using the wrong pronounces dishonors and disrespects this women by totally rejecting everything she’s gone through with transition.

    and yes ‘transphobic’ not homophopic, there is a difference.

    for example… “the way this artical is writen has underlining transpobic remarks.”
    God no wonder mainstream culture gets confused when not even journalism can get it right.

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