Family Refuses Gratuity are Locked in Seafood Restaurant

Jasmine Marks and her family refuse to pay gratuity at La Fisherman seafood restaurant and get locked in.

Here we go again!  And before all of the controversy jumps off about black folks not paying tips, let it be known that this family tried to pay the tip…just not the posted tip the restaurant required.

According to the Huffington Post, Jasmine Marks and four other family members decided to enjoy a meal together at a seafood restaurant in Houston, Texas, called La Fisherman, but the service was less than stellar.  Marks complained to management that some of their meals never showed up and the waiter was rude.

Marks asked if they could pay a gratuity less than the restaurant’s posted policy of 17 percent.  Management declined the family’s request and demanded that they pay the 17% that was included in their bill.  The family refused and was locked in the restaurant until they came up with the dough!

Do you think they were right to demand a lesser tip?  Is it fair for restaurants to demand a certain percentage no matter how crappy the service?  Chime in after watching the report here.

-J.C. Brooks

14 thoughts on “Family Refuses Gratuity are Locked in Seafood Restaurant”

  1. wow! first of, i dread waiting on black people! they think they can just act an ass and we are supposed 2 take it! nothing is for free! I don’t owe you anything, never owned a slave in my life! it is only fair that you give me back my tax money, that pays for your foodstamps, welfare, and also pays for half your family to be in jail! take your 2$ and go buy you some class! and please girlfriend yall hould be used 2 being locked up!

  2. @server-your community college education that your server wages are paying for is obviously NOT paying off. your grammar and punctuation both need sharpening. once you master how to correctly use the english language, you’re sure to gain a better job than that of a server. i’m sure you work at ihop or denny’s. ding, ding…order up!

  3. Its about time someone stood up to these non-tipping ass clowns. They always like to complain to try to get free stuff.

    “I wants mys reparations”

  4. Server: Be aware –white people are the biggest benefactors of “food stamps”, welfare, and other benefits, and as you say “free stuff” and yes, please take advantage of free education —you need it

  5. This is such a sad commentary. I have worked in the service industry for many years and I assure you there are many people in every ethnicity who either don’t tip, refuse to pay for service, or have an expectation of receiving something for free. Why is that when we hear things like this we immediately assume that the people involved if they happen to be african american are poor, uneducated, or of a lower finanacial class? How did we get to such a place that we can’t seem to recognize that there are people of that sort in every race?
    In this particular incident I applaud the family who refused to pay for poor service. Who goes to a restaurant or any service related business with an expectation of receiving poor service and still wanting and or having an expectation of having to pay for it? Every person who makes a decision to visit a restaurant or service related business goes with a certain expectation and those of us who work in these businesses should approach coming to work and dealing with every person at the same level. We should want to give each party our best and we should be able to expect they will respond in kind. Gratuity, should be based on the level of service we have in fact received as a patron not what the establishment or employee feels that they gave. The story states the family received less than stellar service as well as not receiving all that they ordered and expected to receive.
    How exactly did we determine they were wrong for not wanting to pay for what they never received as well as all of the attitude and poor service that came along with it?
    It is unfortunate that even in 2012 we still can’t seem to see anything but color as a determining factor in how we see people. Let us not forget that there are idiots everywhere and those that could use a little more home training in every race. No one race has a lock on low class, ghetto acting, get over mentality, sneaky, lying, cheating, hustling, and so on and so..if we need some reminders we only have to look to the media.

  6. I am INCENSED! Isn’t this against the law? Surely the least of all charges should be kidnapping! To actually lock a patron in your establishment because they elected not to pay an ADD ON amount over and above the actual charge that is supposed to be a COURTESY is EGREGIOUS! Protests, letter-writing campaigns, and most of all, an effort begun to encourage folks NOT TO EAT THERE should ensue immediately! Hit ’em in the pocketbook and then SUE THEM. It’s just ridiculous. Ignorant no-tipping and welfare comments aside — this vendor needs to PAY just like they threatened and strong-armed and KIDNAPPED those patrons into paying. At the very LEAST the manager who allowed this foolishness should be FIRED and issue the family a PUBLIC APOLOGY. Allowing them to pay a lesser amount for bad service would definitely have been better than all the negative press that STUPID manager has now garnered for the restaurant — just ask the OWNER. #WILLITEVEREND

  7. Well it says it in a lot of restaurants that for a party of a certain number the gratuity will be included in the bill, so with that in mind when they sat down together they signed on to pay a specified gratuity regardless of the service they received. It was a requirement not an option.

  8. I would have call 911! This is BS…poor service is just that and I will not pay for it. The race has absolutely nothing to do with it!

  9. Please do eveybody a favor and just stay home. Your not ready for civilized society. The built-in tip is standard for “everybody” not just the whites, or the asians….. “everybody” means you too, even if you are pissed off at the world. I aints payin no 17%, this is whack yo. Straight up ghetto trash.

  10. Why are some of you-all bringing race into it. I’m sure that if service is shitty to white people they too would either leave a smaller tip or no tip at all. I see white folk leave $2-$3 tips for $40-$50 meals sometimes. I’m sorry, but if my food order is not correct, it’s going back and if my server is crappy my tip will reflect my disappointment. Let’s face, some people are not made to be servers, but with that said, as I said before, when you sit down with a group some restaurants policy is that the gratuity will be included in the bill. I say if you are unhappy express your displeasure in a claim respectful manner to the manager and then go home and email the corporate office or higher-ups for that restaurant. Also there are so many places online where you can go and post your comments about your experience at restaurants. I do that all the time, but I won’t act like an ass even when I’m unsatisfied!

  11. I agree with them being locked in. Personally I refuse to wait on the public any longer, having went back to school to receive an education in order not to. Suffice it to say I used to wait tables; I remember clearly being “stiffed” on an $80 check at Red Lobster. The said table mistakingly had left their quite expensive watch on the table, having forgotten it. Upon returning and asking if I saw their watch my response was,”Sadly I didn’t see your watch, nor a gratuity.” I gave the watch to a friend after my shift and still feel no guilt regarding the matter. The moral of the story is, tip your waiter or it might just come back and bite you in the rear! Honestly I will live in the street before ever serving another “guest”, my dues are paid!

  12. Nearly all of what you articulate happens to be astonishingly accurate and that makes me wonder the reason why I hadn’t looked at this in this light before. Your article truly did switch the light on for me as far as this specific topic goes.

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