Tell Friends How They Look with ‘Ugly Meter’ App? (Video)

This has to be the hands down best party gag ever.  Picture it, you and your friends standing around taking pictures of people and testing their face for ugliness!  Men can no longer use the excuse Jamie Foxx tends to believe women use…blaming it on the alcohol.  He can simply walk up, scan her and it’s over.

The Ugly Meter app is purely for fun, but I’m a little bit nervous about how it will work out among those much younger.  Kids of all ages are carrying cell phones these days and if they get a hold of this app there will be trouble on the playground.

Women can use it for their blind dates.  Send someone into the room with him when he comes over for the first time and snap that pic!  In seconds, you’ll know whether to throw yourself down the steps or put on a little more perfume.

Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

Beauty May No Longer Be In the Eye of the Beholder: Ugly Meter App:

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