Man Sues BMW for Two Year Erection from Motorcycle Seat

Henry Wolf with his 1993 BMW. He's in worse shape than we thought!

An incredulous story has hit what’s supposed to be the news with speculation and controversy.  The reason it’s so suspicious is because a man claims that he has too much blood circulating through his genitals, yet normally when you sit anywhere too long your butt gets numb.  Right?

Henry Wolf owns a 1993 BMW motorcycle with a “ridged seat” that he claims caused an extreme case of priapism–“continuous, usually nonsexual erection of the penis, especially due to disease.” But, most would believe that his claims are baseless and contradictory of what is possible when sitting for a long period of time.

Wolf claims that he was on a four-hour ride nearly two years ago when the condition began, according to Yahoo! News.  His attorney, Vernon Bradley, claimed in the lawsuit:

“[Wolf] has been experiencing continuing problems since his motorcycle ride.” It goes on to read, “He is now unable to engage in sexual activity, which is causing him substantial emotional and mental anguish.”

Biking enthusiasts as well as a doctor in the report note that they’ve only heard claims of just the opposite…erectile dysfunction.   Read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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