Terrence and Rocsi say Goodbye to 106 & Park (Video)

Terrence & Rocsi say goodbye to 106 & Park, Wednesday, May 30, 2012.

So far,  BET has seen great success with their programming choices after being acquired by Viacom. One of the more successful shows, that even surpassed the now defunct Viacom favorite, MTV’s TRL, is their hosted music program 106 & Park.

Terrence and Rocsi have been the hosts for the last seven years after a similarly depressing departure by their predecessors AJ and Free.  Hosting the popular teen music show has led to outside projects like Terrence’s role in the wildly popular film “Think Like A Man”.  But, the two have announced their departure Continue reading

Should Rich Kids like P. Diddy’s Son Get Scholarship Money?

Justin Combs signing his letter of intent to attend UCLA in the Fall flanked by his mother Misa Hilton Brimm, his grandmother Janice Combs, his maternal grandparents and multi-millionaire dad, Sean "Diddy" Combs.

Most people are happy for P. Diddy’s son’s acceptance into UCLA.  Even P. Diddy was shocked that the boy had already gotten to 18 and is graduating from high school.  But plenty of people are trying to rain on their parade with talk of Justin’s full-ride to the university.

The controversy started when folks heard that Justin is receiving a merit based full-ride scholarship to the school worth $54,000.  Many feel that because his dad is worth half a billion dollars, he should let the money go to a more deserving student.  But, the money isn’t awarded because he is P. Diddy’s son, he worked hard to graduate at the top of his class with a  3.75 GPA. Continue reading

‘Fox & Friends’ Oversteps with Anti-Obama Ad (Video)

Brian Kilmeade, Gretchen Carlson, and Steve Doocy are the hosts of Fox & Friends where they introduced an anti-Obama ad that begins with "Fox & Friends Presents".

It’s never been a secret that Fox has been and remains at the top of irresponsible and  inaccurate journalism.  They play the game of simply reporting the news, but anyone with eyes and ears can see that it is news with a slant…a conservative slant.  But, now they’ve taken it a bit too far by blatantly campaigning for the GOP.

Fox’s top idiots on the network’s Fox & Friends thought they’d take a little walk down memory lane into President Obama’s campaign by putting together a medley of his campaign speeches and his campaign slogan of Hope and Change.  But what was supposed to be a retrospective was a blatantly conservative anti-Obama campaign ad that features foreboding music, homeless people on the street and a family counting change at the dining room table.   Continue reading

Pepsi Max Uses Cavalier Star as ‘Uncle Drew’ to School Ballers (Video)

Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers is "Uncle Drew" for the newest Pepsi Max ads.

NBA stars never seem to say “no” when asked to test out their acting chops.  They are good sports that are actually quite entertaining.   Remember those Campbell’s soup commercials with Larry Johnson of the New York Knicks as “Grandmama?”  That was a very successful run for that company and now Pepsi Max is trying something similar with a new star in the NBA.

The NBA’s 2011-2012 Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has put himself out there for a successful run as “Uncle Drew” for the new Pepsi Max ads.   Continue reading

Men Are More Attracted to ‘Dumb-Looking’ Women?

One of the images shown men to pick their brains on what was "attractive" to them.

I watched a movie called The Truth About Cats and Dogs and two women thought they would test a man to find out which of them he’d prefer by asking this question:  “If you were trapped in Biosphere 2 for three years, who would you bring: Time Magazine’s Woman of the Year or Playboy’s Playmate of the Year?”  Well, that movie was nearly 20 years ago and the guy did the smart thing by not answering the question.  But not today!  A few guys thought it would be a good idea to let women know what they really want. Continue reading

Facebook Developing A Phone?

Mark Zuckerberg looks at the idea of building a phone for his Facebook empire.

Facebook has seen a disastrous entrance onto  Wall Street, but they hope to improve their image with the marketing of a new Facebook offering.

Mark Zuckerberg is attempting to corner the market, not with his IPO, but with his new phone. He wants Facebook to become the only place one can go when communicating with the outside world. Continue reading

Two Arkansas Inmates Stage Bold Successful Escape

Cortez Rashod Hooper, 23, left, and Quincy Vernard Stewart, 36, hacked themselves out of a small window inside their prison cells. (photo: Miller County Sheriff's Office)

A prison break is near impossible, except when inmates get inside favors.  Having that inside help might make it less difficult.  In fact, that’s probably the only way the escape can be made possible.  Officials are hinting at such “participation” in the latest successful escape.

Two inmates in Texarkana, Arkansas, Cortez Rashod Hooper, 23, and Quincy Vernard Stewart, 36, are on the lam after making a daring escape from prison on Memorial Day.   Continue reading

The Human Brain is Wired for Sexting?

Ron Artest took his chances with sexting.

Have you taken some naughty shots of yourself and placed them on your Facebook page, MySpace page and/or sent them to someone else’s phone?  What about those Polaroids you and your boyfriend took of one another?  You forgot bout those.  Which means you were prone to cell porn that has now been labeled “sexting.”  And let’s not forget the celebrity exhibitionists like Rihana, Kanye, Anthony Weiner, Scarlett Johanssen.  What is the deal?  Why is everybody getting naked? Continue reading