Over 150 Students Suspended from Detroit High School After Walk-Out (Video)

Detroit Public Schools under fire for school closings and poor treatment. Students stage walkout at Wetern International High School as well as Southwestern high school Wednesday, April 25, 2012.

Detroit schools are under attack and taking hit after hit in performance.  But, what do you expect when the city is under attack from all sides.  They are even set to close more schools this year after closing over 80 schools during Kwame Kilpatrick’s reign.  The students have had enough.

A walk-out was staged by over 175 students at Detroit’s Western International High School and all have been suspended for their political statement against their mediocre education and poor treatment, according to the Black Youth Project. They have planned to assemble in a new school called the Freedom School.

Western is scheduled to merge with Southwestern as it is closed and its 600 students are shuttled off to Western and Northwestern high schools.  But students are tired of their schools being closed and they are making their voices heard.

According to DPS spokesman Steven Wasko,  Southwestern was chosen for closure “due to attendance and enrollment patterns as well as academic patterns.”  The students are right to take a stand.  How are they expected to raise their grades when personnel is disrespectful and the atmosphere is not a conducive learning environment? But rest assured there will be a bureaucratic answer to the education problem.
Read more here and listen to what the students have to say.
-J.C. Brooks

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