Britain’s Got Talent Does It Again with Malaki Paul (Video)

Malaki Paul, 9, suffers a little stage fright on Britain's Got Talent, but proves himself later.

Britain really does have talent. It is evident in some of the most brilliant singers they’ve discovered over the years.  The popular show has found a real diamond in the rough this time with a boy that probably thought his dream would never be realized in this competition.

Malaki Paul, 9, came to the show with a big voice, but a timid child’s heart. He probably stared out into the audience and saw all those faces expecting his talent to be bigger than his small frame, but his performance would fall short.  He was overwhelmed.

Paul’s mom was there to support him and renewed his strength with comforting words and hugs.  But not only did his mom believe in him, one of the judges ran from her chair to assure him that he would be given another chance.  The rest…is what they call…history.

Check him out.

-J.C. Brooks

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