Arizona Principal Resigns After Student Tapes Affair with Assistant (Video)

Principal Steve McClenning resigned and his assistant Billie Madewell was terminated for their open display of passion in The Scholars Academy school cafeteria last week.

The education system has really shown its behind this time…near literally.  Some folks have dropped discipline and commitment to education and picked up illicit affairs and indecency to replace it.  If your school’s main guardian leaves his watch to get busy in the cafeteria and isn’t picking up cups and plates….there’s a problem.

The small town of Quartzsite, Arizona, looks like it will be losing its only school.  The Scholars Academy lost its charter status and the judgment was up for appeal as Principal Steve McClenning and his assistant Billie Madewell was caught on video by one of the students kissing in the cafeteria  like they were going down on the Titanic.

Both have lost their jobs after parents complained that the disciplinary action by the charter board was not going to be swift enough.  The charter was going to hold off disciplining them until the end of the school year, but McClenning resigned and Madewell was fired.

Check out the story.  The significance of the incident is much more disastrous for the town than for the two.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Arizona Principal Resigns After Student Tapes Affair with Assistant (Video)”

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