Jokey Joke: Nephew Tommy ‘We Need You to Be A Slave’ (Video)

Nephew Tommy

Are you familiar with Nephew Tommy of the Steve Harvey Morning Show?  If you’re not, he’s notorious for his prank phone calls.  He regularly goes too far and this time is no different.  He better stop before he either causes someone to have a stroke or get his butt beat after work.

He called a member of the Black History Association that worked with the association the year before on the Black History Parade.  When he gets Ms. Glenda on the phone and asks her if she could help out with their activities for this year, she was immediately excited and ready to help.

But Nephew Tommy starts beating around the bush when she asks him what she could do to help.  But he only tells her that they want her to help out with an auction.  But, once he tells her she will be sold during the auction…allllll hell breaks loose!  Listen.

-J.C. Brooks

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