Gabby Sidibe Told by Another Celebrity: ‘Quit Show Business’ (Video)

Gabourey Sidibe visits Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" on Bravo.

When Precious hit theaters, Hollywood was mesmerized by the performances of the actors in the film, especially Mo’Nique’s.  Mo’Nique was already well known from a career as a stand-up comedienne and actress.  She’s always been a big woman and proud of it.  And obviously, there was great chemistry between herself and her co-star as they pulled off Oscar winning and near Oscar winning performances.  Their equal confidence may have been a factor.

But one actress, Joan Cusack, who is the sister of fellow actor John Cusack and is most recently known for her role on Showtime’s raunchy family show Shameless, didn’t believe that Gabourey Sidibe’s confidence would hold up in Hollywood.

Sidibe was on “Watch What Happens Live,” with host Andy Cohen and he asked her which celebrity was the most disappointing when she met them.  She said she ran into Cusack at an industry party, prior to doing the movie Precious, and Cusack told her she should quit show business because “it’s so image-conscious.”

Check out the interview.  What’s that supposed to mean Ms. Cusack?

-J.C. Brooks

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