70-Year-Old Hottie Says Her Vegan Lifestyle is Key (Video)

Annette Larkins, 70, is a vegan beauty that looks at least 20 years younger than what she is.

Do you notice that the elderly are getting younger and younger every day?  As the 21st century began, slogans like “50 is the new 20” and “60 is the new 30” became a part of the American lexicon.  But now, we’re going to have to add “70 is the new 21!”

Annette Larkins, 70, looks like she’s been drinking from the fountain of youth.  She is the poster child for health and fitness. She has a complete doctrine for living the vegan lifestyle which she shares in various videos.  She also has a DVD from her cable show “The Raw Kitchen” available for purchase if you want to find out if her ministry is the truth.

Larkins has been a strict vegan for 27 years and has a garden that she eats from daily.  Her garden includes various herbs like Stevia, lemon balm, aloe, and italian parsley.  She even has the precious Noni that distributors sell throughout the country as a complete health revitalizer.

Check her out.  It appears that anyone could benefit from whatever she’s doing.  Ms. Larkins is a 70-year old beauty!

-J.C. Brooks

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