FINALLY! Suspect Arrested in Phylicia Barnes’ Case

Phylicia Barnes’ story became national news in 2010, when she was visiting her older half sister, Deena, in Baltimore for Christmas.  The teenager was an honor student from Monroe, North Carolina, that appeared to be building a relationship with her half sister when she was abducted.  The worst outcome of the case occurred when her body was recovered in the Susquehanna River almost a year ago to the date.

There has finally been a break in the case with the arrest of Michael Johnson, Barnes’ half sister’s boyfriend of over 10 years.  There hasn’t been any details about his arrest and what caused police to pick him up, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Johnson’s attorney, Russell Neverdon, felt that authorities had “nothing” on Johnson:

“On the one-year anniversary of her disappearance, Neverdon said investigators had “nothing” and were wasting time with Johnson, but he disclosed that the child pornography angle related to photos of Phylicia “streaking” with a group of people including Johnson.”

Now the case seems to be taking on innuendo of sexual offenses committed by Johnson as his attorney seeks to tarnish the memory of Phylicia Barnes with revealing this information.  Read more on the case here.

-J.C. Brooks

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