Alfonso Ribeiro Helps Out Largest Flash Mob with ‘Carlton Dance’ (Video)

Alfonso Ribeiro leads flash mob at Universal Studios City Walk in Hollywood with "Carlton Dance."

Some celebrities are forever etched into our memories as the character they portrayed on some of our most beloved sitcoms.  When will we ever see Jaleel White and not Urkel?  Or how about Sherman Hemsley?  He will always be George Jefferson no matter how many times we watch reruns of Amen.  I bet you didn’t even know his real name!  But no one is more memorable than Carlton on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with his cooky dance moves that have been coined the “Carlton Dance.”

Alfonso Ribeiro (in case you didn’t know that’s his real name), has been behind the scenes for a while staring through the camera rather than being on the other side of it.  He is not only an actor, but a producer, director, and comedian.  But he started out as a dancer.  In 1984, he performed in a famous commercial with the legendary Michael Jackson where he debuted his moves to the world and became the best Michael Jackson impersonator of the time.

He recently revisited his roots while helping out on a flash mob challenge.

Ribeiro took to the streets of Universal Studios City Walk in Hollywood to help “break the record for the most people in North America flash mobbing at the same time,” according to TMZ.  He lead a group there while other groups performed simultaneously in other locations throughout the U.S. The performance had an upper hand on the others’ dance styles because of his signature moves from his most famous “Carton Dance.”  Check him out.

-J.C. Brooks

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