Girl in China Falls Through Sidewalk Sinkhole…and Others (Video)

In Xi'an China, a young girl falls into a sidewalk sinkhole and is rescued by a cab driver that saw her fall in.

The news is abuzz with the latest texting while walking incident.  The texting issue is getting so big that we now see that it is affecting people all over the world and it is a very real concern.  But in this case, the distraction of the cell phone doesn’t seem to be the real problem.  The city was remiss in not putting the proper barriers around a sidewalk sinkhole.

In Xi’an China, a young girl is simply walking down a city sidewalk when she came upon a sinkhole in the sidewalk.  As she walks down the sidewalk there are some noticeable markers she passes, but they are small and we wouldn’t know they are there to alert anyone of impending danger.  The girl walks right pass them and the startling video shows the earth opening up and swallowing her.  She fell 20 feet and was barely injured.  Thank God!

But this incident brings light to another woman that same thing happened to last year…but in her own backyard.  Carla Chapman fell not once, but twice into two separate sinkholes in her backyard.  Wow! But the saving grace in her cased was the cell phone.  Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.  Check out the reports below.

-J.C. Brooks

Carla Chapman falls into sinkhole in her backyard…not once, but twice. Watch ABC report:

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