Detroit Judge Sends ‘Sexts’ to Employees ‘There’s No Shame in My Game’ (Video)

Detroit 3rd Circuit Judge Wade McCree sexts his female employees and finds nothing wrong with it.

Detroit has had some of the most ludicrous stories about its city’s administrators and other high profile city employees.  But, even Kwame Kilpatrick didn’t seem to be as oblivious as this guy.  Does anyone think that a judge sexting his female employees is inappropriate?  He doesn’t!

According to the interview from Detroit’s local Fox News with 3rd Circuit Judge Wade McCree “who specializes in trying sexual misconduct cases,” sent a nude picture of himself (from the hip up) to a married female employee (a court bailiff) and her husband discovered it on her phone.  He was infuriated by the photo.

But Judge Wade is quite proud of himself and has sexted many of his female employees.  He told the interviewer that he is practically getting that now during their interview:

“Hot dog!  Yep, that’s me! There ain’t no shame in my game. I didn’t talk to nobody else’s wife. Shoot! You almost get that right here and now.”

But the employee’s husband said that this exposes who he really is and there’s nothing shameless about that. He made a very good point saying that the judge has access to “kids and access to different charitable functions” and he is supposed to be an upstanding officer of the court…NOT!

The married judge was asked if his wife minds the pictures and he deflected and never answered the question.  Check out the report for yourself.  Do you think there should be some sort of legal action against this judge?

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Detroit Judge Sends ‘Sexts’ to Employees ‘There’s No Shame in My Game’ (Video)”

  1. Along with everything that seems to be building within this particular area, all your perspectives are generally fairly refreshing. In any case I did appreciate reading through it.

  2. I bet he has a baby Johnson! His upper body is scrawny. He needs to cover up. His wife should open a can of whoop a$$ on him. He should be charged with sexual harrassment and pornography. Dayum freak!

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