Sanford Police Chief Resignation Rejected by City Commission (Video)

Lawrence O'Donnell drills Sanford, Florida's city manager Norton Bonaparte, Jr., on the rejection of police chief Bill Lee's resignation, Monday, April 23, 2012.

As we watch the Trayvon Martin case unravel with the bond set at $150,000 for his assailant, George Zimmerman, another blow to the justice for Martin’s family hits. The Sanford, Florida, police department have bungled the investigation of the case from the very beginning and now when their police chief tries to resign, the city won’t let him.

Bill Lee temporarily resigned at the beginning of the Martin case to quail public criticism.  And now when he recognizes his terminal lack of leadership skills in law enforcement and puts in a permanent resignation with the city, it was denied.

Well Monday night, our friend over at MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell, pounced on the city manager for Sanford, Norton Bonaparte, Jr., over the rejection of Lee’s resignation.  O’Donnell tried his best to make sense of the decision when just a month ago the city commission voted a 3-2 vote of no confidence in Lee.

Bonaparte tried, with no luck, to get us to believe that the decision was the most fiscally responsible decision because the severance package would alleviate over $50,000 from the city’s budget.  Don’t you hate when you’re forced to catch someone in a lie?  O’Donnell doesn’t care either! I could’ve swore I heard him say, “C’MON SON!” as he went in on the contradiction of Bonaparte’s excuse immediately:

O’Donnell:  And so is the chief currently being paid his full salary?

Bonaparte:  Yes, he is. he’s on paid administrative leave.

O’Donnell:  So that’s the most expensive possible outcome here, that you end up paying this chief for a couple of years during this criminal process that’s going on in the Zimmerman case.

But O’Donnell doesn’t ride alone.  He called on his main “go to” guy, Charles Blow of the New York Times to, basically, call it what it is…some BULL!  Check them out!

-J.C. Brooks

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