President Obama Accused of Strong Arming Congress

The President has never been a more disrespected office than right now.  Republicans have attacked him and even called him a liar in front of the whole world during a presidential address to Congress.  Unheard of right?  So who could blame a president for using his executive power when trying to run the country when he has met with such disrespect?

According to the New York Times, Republicans are again accusing President Obama of going too far to strong arm Congress into the policies and appointments that he desires.  President Obama drew his harshest criticism in January when he made four appointments without Congress’ input.

But the article goes on to remind us that all presidents have used their executive power to get what they want when faced with barriers in Congress that prevent progress.  Obama has said the same.  He will not be held up by “sham” sessions that are being called to delay a vote or decision making.  And let’s not forget that the war of the decade was started by former President Bush by his executive decision to override the UN and start a war with documents that proved to be false evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

One statement that was made in the article supports our thoughts on President Obama’s NEED to flex a little muscle from time to time:

“But Democratic lawmakers have been largely quiet; many of them accuse Republicans of engaging in an unprecedented level of obstructionism and say that Mr. Obama has to do what he can to make the government work. The pattern adds to a bipartisan history in which lawmakers from presidents’ own parties have tended not to object to invocations of executive power.”

Read more here. Once again, the Republicans are showing their horns.

3 thoughts on “President Obama Accused of Strong Arming Congress”

  1. Obama’s NEED to flex a little muscle from time to time:EXACTLYand they can kiss where the sun don’t shine because he is the PRESDENT as they can continue with their disrespectful azz’s and not like what he is doing but he has the power to do that as far as I am concerned keep going President Obama because Congress sure is not doing ANYTHING for the American people
    except blocking what he is trying to do becuase of the coloe of his skin IMO……………

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