X-Ray Vision Coming to Smartphones?

The technology on computers and cell phones are officially out of control.  The phone you bought last week, will be irrelevant before summer.  And the apps available on cell phones are able to do just about anything.  They’ve ranged from Antoine Dodson’s sex offender tracking app to the app that you can use to turn on your car and watch any activity at your house through security cameras set up in your home.  But now, they’re planning something no app can do.

This technology will make you a super hero.  Naaaah! Not really.  But, you will have x-ray vision. According to the Los Angeles Times, a new imaging chip for smartphones that was designed by scientists from the University of Texas at Dallas enables you to see through walls, paper, cardboard and fabric.  That’s right! And fellas get your head out the gutter!  The technology won’t allow you to check out the pretty girls from across the street.  You will have to get close enough that she knows you’re looking.

The scientists’ imaging chip measures invisible terahertz light waves.  We don’t know what that is either.  But, they can be detected on “opaque surfaces such as paper, walls and clothing” which gives one a view beyond the ability of the naked eye.

Read more here. Can you tell where the future is going?

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “X-Ray Vision Coming to Smartphones?”

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