Virginia Teacher Lines Students Up and Shoots at Them

Manuael Ernest Dillow, 60, shoots at 12 of his students with a blanks gun.

The education system is under fire for poor teachers, poor administration, poor conditions and school closings and now yet another teacher is fueling parent’s concerns.  The teacher was not caught up in a sexual or intimate encounter with a student…it was just the opposite.

Manuael Ernest Dillow, 60, was arrested for lining up 12 of his students, getting his gun, then shooting at them.  While the gun only shot blanks, it was still enough for Dillow to be suspended, arrested and charged with 12 felonies for brandishing a firearm on school property.

What was he teaching that day, how to react when a terrorist is your teacher?  The incident happened April 4, at the William H. Neff Center.  The center is a vocational high school located in Abingdon, Virginia, where Dillow teaches welding.  Each felony charge is for each student in his class.

Read more here. They better keep that guy in custody with no bond because there are surely a few parents that would like to have a chat with him.

-J.C. Brooks

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