Vicious Hoax on Missing Woman’s Family Takes Their Life Savings (Video)

Phoenix Coldon, 23, was last seen in the driveway of her family home at 3pm, December 18, 2011.

We hold in our hands the privilege and responsibility of reporting a story on a young, beautiful, black woman that needs the nation’s help finding her.  The family has received little to no media attention and the help they thought they were getting ended up being a diabolical prank that led the family nowhere and claimed all the money they had in the world.

The Coldon family of St. Louis, Missouri, was horrified when they found that the tip they received on their missing daughter, 23-year old Phoenix Coldon, was a hoax.  The man that claimed he had information on her location was just trying to get media attention the mother of the victim, Goldia Coldon, told Huffington Post:

“They said he made it up to get attention,” she said. “It cost us dearly and it led absolutely nowhere. It was just his idea of a joke.”

“The authorities said there is nothing they can do to the man. In my opinion, he impeded the investigation. He took money, time and energy that we could have been using to follow other leads because he wanted to perpetrate a joke.”

There’s nothing they can do to the man?  Is this real?  There has to be something someone can do for this family.  They spent every cent they had on private investigators and now they have to get out of their house.  Coldon reported that the banks don’t even care what happened to them, they just want them out of their family home.

Phoenix went missing in January, at 3pm right out of her very own driveway.  Her 1998 Chevy Blazer was found in East St. Louis with the door open and the car running with the keys in the ignition.  The police department impounded the car without running the plates which would’ve immediately led them to her mother and family.  Nor did police report the items found in the truck:

“I just wish those police had done what they were supposed to do by running those plates and seeing that the vehicle was registered to me,” Goldia Coldon said. “All they had to do is call and say, ‘do you know where your vehicle is?’ And, look where it was found. Why didn’t they check around the area to make sure somebody was not injured or passed out nearby? Why did we have to learn from someone else where our vehicle was?”

If you’ve seen this missing young woman or have any information for police or you want more info so that you can help, it is below:

Phoenix Coldon is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weighs about 125 pounds. She has reddish brown hair and pierced ears. She was last seen wearing gray sweatpants with the word “UMSL” printed vertically down one pant leg, a dark hoodie and tennis shoes. Anyone with information on the case is asked to call St. Louis County Police at (314) 889-2341.

-J.C. Brooks

A woman’s plea for Phoenix Coldon:

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