Registered Nurse Fatally Shoots New Mother Abducts Baby

Verna Deann McClain, 30, is charged with capital murder after confessing to the murder of Kayla Golden, 28, and abducting her three day old baby, Keegan in a suburb of Houston, Texas.

The black community will remain a target for racists as long as stupid acts of senseless crimes are committed against whites by members of the black community.  The latest tragedy was committed against a white woman by a black woman when she shot and killed her and took her baby.

Verna Deann McClain, 30, was a registered nurse who recently had a miscarriage and told her sister that she was adopting a baby soon.  Little did anyone know that she was going to seek someone out, kill them and steal a baby.  The woman she randomly chose was Kayla Marie Golden, 28, from a suburb near Houston, Texas.

Golden was taking her new three-day-old baby Keegan to what was probably his first doctor’s appointment when McClain pulled up alongside her shooting her repeatedly, according to the UK’s Daily.  But even after McClain shot Golden, she still fought for her baby, but was knocked to the ground when trying to get in the car that McClain escaped the scene in with a male accomplice.

The most bizarre aspect of the case is McClain’s extreme desperation to have a child when she already has three children ages six, 10, and 16.  But, if anyone is wondering if the Golden family will get corporal justice, they don’t have to worry.  This happened in Texas.  Justice will be swift! McClain will more than likely receive the death penalty for the charge of capital murder.

Read more on this horrific crime here.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Registered Nurse Fatally Shoots New Mother Abducts Baby”

  1. I believe that this woman was forced to do this. Has anyone else noticed that whenever the black community comes together for any reason there has always been some sort of counter action by another community to weaken our unity? Wake up people.

  2. Forced to do this by who? Ok whatever let’s agree to disagree. As a black individual, I hoping for at least life w/o parole. There is NO excuse for what she did. Regardless of race, now this child has no mother. I’m hoping she doesn’t get off easy with the “HEAD CASE” thing. So many have been labled a mental case and got off easy!!!! Besides, she does have OTHER children. Which now they won’t have a mother either!!! REAL smart.

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