Don King to Become Dr. Don King?

Don King will receive an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters May 6.

The famous boxing promoter that coined the catch phrase “Only in America,” probably never saw a more appropriate moment to use it than right now. Mr. Mouth Almighty Tongue Everlasting ain’t satisfied ‘less somethin’s happenin’ is getting ready for his big day, not making announcements in a boxing ring, but on a college campus in preparation for commencement.

That’s right!  Don King is getting ready to strut his regal stuff to the podium at New York College of Health Professionals and receive a Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, according to USA Today.

Don King has been a major contributor to the United Negro College Fund and numerous charities for many years and because of his philanthropy (and his gift of loquaciousness), the college thought he’d be a perfect fit for this year’s commencement exercises on May 6.

Read more here. This is sure to be the college’s most entertaining graduation ceremony yet.

-J.C. Brooks

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