Jokey Joke: It’s Too Heavy!! (Video)

Do you know any little children that don’t like to help you?  They’re always willing to lend a helping hand in the kitchen, around the house, in the backyard…they’re your Scottie Pippen, right?  Your go-to guy!  But, apparently, we only THINK that’s the norm.  In one household, a little girl realizes that she’s not helping, she’s free labor and she stages a dramatic protest.

But seriously, the real story is a Dad is trying his best to deal with a nap-less three-year-old. On an average day, everything might go along smoothly.  But when you take a three-year-old that has been sleep deprived and add them to any equation, there’s going to be trouble.  After she eats her dinner, this little lady is having an unbelievable time putting her bowl in the sink.  “It’s too heavy!” she cries.  This is simply cruel and unusual punishment to her.  Check her out!  Meryl Streep look out!

-J.C. Brooks

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