Homeless Entrepreneur Discovered During Workshop (Video)

Jason Mercado talks to Ryan Mack about becoming an entrepreneur through his Just Cookies Catering Service while homeless.

Today, we are trying to shed light on those who are homeless and persevering despite their residential situation.  Their stories are important because they have been written off by society, yet their stories are instrumental to people of all ages to realize, that while the world has its obstacles, you can do anything you want to do as long as you commit to it.

Ryan Mack is a caped crusader that has taken the world by storm in his effort to rebuild the black community one financial portfolio at a time.  Mack, a native Detroiter living in Brooklyn, saw the detrimental need to counsel those beyond the rich investors that were missing an opportunity of self-empowerment through financial organization.  He has taken his prestigious University of Michigan training and work experience with some of the largest financial planning firms in the country, including Knight Securities, to everyone from gang members and prison inmates to high school students and homeless individuals.

Right now, Mack and Dr. Boyce Watkins are on tour with their “Less Talk, More Action” economic empowerment tour which “focuses on using financial literacy as a primary tool of empowerment for the Black community.”  Since being on the tour, Mack discovered Jason Mercado in Philadelphia.  Mercado is a young man that has been homeless for a few years, but holds the keys to escaping that life and catapulting his future into business ownership with his knack for baking.

With little to no resources, Mercado has found a way to bake his cookies under the business name of Just Cookies Catering Service.  The cookies, according to Mack, are awesome.  How did he do this, you say?  He has been allowed to use the kitchen at the Friends Center in Philadelphia and has been attending entrepreneur workshops to learn business development.

Mercado explains to Mack his driving force motivating him to pursue entrepreneurship saying:

“I think it was just my determination.  It was something that I wanted to do by any means necessary.  I didn’t want to take the concept that ‘Oh I don’t have any money, so I can’t start it.’  I prayed about it and I had this idea since 2006, and it’s just now coming to full circle now.  Just my determination, my drive, my desire to be my own business owner and to be my own boss to help other people.”

Watch the video below.  Listen to this man’s story and be encouraged.  You can realize your dreams no matter what your endeavor may be.  Look for Ryan Mack’s tour in your city.  Read more about him and the other phenomenal social economic empowerment activists involved in the tour here.

-J.C. Brooks

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