Grandma is One of the Biggest Drug Kingpins the Midwest Has Seen (Video)

Darlene Mayes, 73, of Oklahoma was busted with over $200,00 and several pounds of marijuana.

Grandmothers are known as the kind, gentle hands of wisdom that make the family stable with family cohesion and rich with spirit and guidance. They bake brownies and cookies for the grandchildren and give them plenty of love.  Well, one family better smell the brownies and cookies ever purchased or smoked.

Darlene Mayes, 73, turned out to be the biggest kingpin in Oklahoma when cops kicked in the door and to their surprise found $276,000, 4lbs. of marijuana and guns.  Investigators believe that she had supplied  about 40 percent of the marijuana in her area of the midwest, including Tulsa and parts of Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri.

Her son, Jerry, was picked up by cops last week with thousands of dollars in cash and nearly 2 pounds of ganja.  Either he was going to a serious party or he was one of his mother’s better workers…police opted for the latter.

In the Huffington Post report, police reported that Mayes’ bedroom “reeked of weed.”  They found her full surplus there along with bills with $15,000 labels on them (no rubber bands) under her box spring.  We believe her personal stash was in the bathroom where they found a pipe and another bag of weed.

But it was obvious that she truly loved her grandchildren.  In their room, she kept $200,000 in vaccum-sealed bags.  Initially, she told authorities that the money was simply her retirement fund.  So, what was the pounds of weed for? The party with your elderly glaucoma-ridden friends to celebrate the amount of money you’ve been able to save?  ED LOVER WE NEED YOU RIGHT HERE!  C’MON …SON!!! GET THE BUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULL SHIZZLE!

According to the report, she was charged with “marijuana possession with intent to distribute, maintaining a dwelling where drugs are kept or sold, and firearm possession in commission of a felony.”  Check out the report below.

-J.C. Brooks

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