Flash Mobs Have New Direction in ‘Cash Mobs’ Through Social Media

Do you have a friend that is starting a new business? Or have you been in a new business that you’d like to see others support?  Well, there’s a new sensation across the nation that has taken a note out of the flash mobs playbook in support of struggling and/or new businesses.

Remember the story we reported about little Caine Monroy in East LA, who made the cardboard arcade?  Well, the same thing has been happening around the country with various Cash Mobs. They are a group of individuals that would like to help out.  These folks come together via a news tip on social media sites that give the who, when and where of a business that needs customers.  Cleveland lawyer Andrew Samtoy, 32, started the Cash Mob idea last year after widespread riots broke out in Britain that led to various cities including London, Manchester and Birmingham having their stores looted.

The first Cash Mob he tried was in Cleveland last November.  The Visible Voice book shop got 40 shoppers, who on average “spent  $40 within an hour-and-a-half.” The book store’s owner Dave Ferrante, told the Huffington Post  “he made about eight times his normal take on that day.”

This is a great idea and hopefully it will spread like wildfire to businesses that really support the community they do business in.  The flash mobs can lead to customers spending in these stores for the life of the business.  Read more here and get one ready for the next small business you want to support.

-J.C. Brooks

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