Choking Game Becoming Prevalent Among Black Teens

Thalian Cash, 10, died from what parents called a "choking game" he liked to play in December 2011.

There has been numerous reports over the last 30 years about something called autoerotic asphyxiation–the sexual practice of choking your partner while having sex with them until they  pass out–which is supposed to cause a euphoric sexual experience.  Oprah was the first to bring mass attention to this act on her show during the late 80s.  The teenage choking game came directly afterwards and is now sweeping the nation with black children being more susceptible by the day.

A new report shows that 1 in 16 youth have played the game, but now black youth are more likely to engage themselves in the risky act.  Author Robert J. Nystrom is the researcher that produced the report.  In the Grio’s report, he said he was compelled to do the study after parents looked to him for answers about the game and he had no information to offer them.

The study used a control group of 7,500 Oregon 8th graders.  Nystrom’s research found that they not only participated in the game, but they were also involved in other “risky behaviors”:

“Risk begets risk,” Nystrom says. “Once an adolescent is carrying two or three of the most common risk factors, it’s not unusual to see them engage in other risky behaviors.”

Read more on this alarming report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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