Course at Harvard Created for ‘Understanding Obama’

President Obama with his mentor Charles Ogletree, who will teach a new Harvard course in 2013 entitled "Understanding Obama".

President Obama has not only been the most powerful man in the world, he’s made a difference that is not easily summed up in a few eloquent words.  Someone figured that there had to be a fundamental lesson taught that examines the mind and times of our beloved president and his administration.

No matter what the result of the next presidential election may be, President Obama will be remembered in our hearts and minds and now classrooms forever. His and Michelle’s Harvard mentor, well known legal analyst and author Charles Ogletree, will be teaching the course on the president’s life through a course he created entitled “Understanding Obama”.

The description of the course that will debut at Harvard in 2013 and reported by Mediaite is as follows:

“This reading group will focus on the way in which race, religion, and politics have impacted the development of President Obama as a leader. We will explore his views as a biracial child, his time as a student at Harvard Law School, the successes and failures of his political campaigns, and the way religion and his views on faith nearly derailed his campaign. Finally, time will be spent analyzing the challenges he faces as president of the United States in establishing both his domestic and global policies.”

The description reads like the synopsis of the next big blockbuster film on an unauthorized biographical film on the president.  But Ogletree promises to be even and fair with the information he will discuss with his class by showing the good and bad sides to the president and his administration.

Read more here. Would you take the class if you had the opportunity?

-J.C. Brooks

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