Teacher Fired for Involvement with Trayvon Martin Activism in School

Brooke Harris, a former teacher at Pontiac Academy for Excellence, was allegedly fired for advocating for her students in a fundraiser supporting Trayvon Martin.

Teachers everywhere are always trying to find different ways to help their students learn.  Sometimes the nation’s issues spill over into the classroom and teachers do their best to assist their pupils with understanding them.  The Trayvon Martin case is no different.

Brooke Harris, a former teacher at Pontiac, Michigan’s Pontiac Academy for Excellence, was allegedly fired from her position for going to the administration on behalf of her students to get a day to pay $1 to wear a hoodie instead of their school uniform in support of Trayvon Martin.  Harris was greeted with a 2-day suspension for the request and saw the suspension extended when she came to the campus during her suspension to drop off prizes for a literacy fair.

But the superintendent, Jacqueline Cassell, contends that she was not fired for her activism, but for her lack of adherence to the school rules.  Harris said she asked Cassell for an explanation of extending her suspension and was then fired.  Cassell told the Detroit Free Press:

“I lived the civil rights movement … I certainly would not use this issue as a reason to terminate anybody.”

Well, there are members of the Southern Poverty Law Center that beg to differ.  They feel her termination runs too closely to her activism and are willing to support Harris. Read more on the story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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