Exotic Dancer Reveals the Secret World of Booty Shots in New Book(Video)

The latest stories on butt injections gone wrong opened the general public up to the world of butt enhancement.  Before the stories broke, a lot of us had no idea that a secret underground world of back alley plastic surgery existed.  Black women have always been known for their “brick house” curves, so they flew under the radar for this enhancement. Even Sir Mix-A-Lot brought attention to the so-called problem and made it okay to have a healthy butt because the black woman’s natural attribute was such a point of contention in the fashion world, thus making it unacceptable. So who would’ve guessed that black women were having their posterior enhanced?

An exotic dancer by the name of Vanity Wonder, 30, sat down with the Grio’s Dr. Ty and discussed the underworld of butt enhancement.  She reveals in her new book, “Shot Girl”, the pitfalls of the life and how many women have the world fooled because they are getting the shots but stop before it gets unbelievable.  She talks about her butt shots being addictive and how unnoticeable the enhancement is…at first:

“I didn’t really measure my hips beforehand. But, I was a size 1 at my biggest, and now I can’t fit into anything less than a size 15. I don’t know the exact number of injections. It was definitely no less than 16 times and no more than 20.

You gotta understand something about butt shots. The first time, you can’t tell. The second time, you can’t tell. The third time, ehh. The fourth time people start to say, ‘OK, I think she got butt shots.’ And, even with all of my education and feeling superior to the girls I worked with, I still didn’t understand anything about addiction. If you don’t know, how can you be looking for it?”

Vanity Wonder

And the addiction is a very real issue.  Even with all of the dangers that have been publicized about the cheap, deadly cosmetic procedure, women still flock to the back alley doctors.  According to Wonder, the youngest girl she was aware of was 17, and her mother co-signed on the venture:

“That is the sickness of this. They don’t care. Any time a woman looks in the mirror and says, ‘I don’t like this. I don’t like that,’ the problem is inside each individual person. It’s so big.

This has been going on for an extremely long time. The lady who shot me up, got shot up herself in the 1990s. It was grown women back then. Now you have 16- and 17-year-olds stripping and getting shot up. The youngest I’ve ever seen was 17, and her mother brought her.

The older generation of ladies feel like the younger generation is messing it up, saying ‘Y’all getting these crazy sizes. This is something we ought take to our grave. Our men don’t even know about it.’ Now, younger women are out saying, ‘Yeah, I got butt injections, so what?’ “

Self-esteem issues run deep amongst women.  The need to be acceptable to men is one of the top causes for those issues.  And just as Wonder said, as long as there’s issues with the body image, women will always try to make adjustments, no matter the cost.

Read more of the interview here. Wonder was also interviewed by SkinNYC.com  Check out the video below and tell us what your story is.  Can you relate?

-J.C. Brooks

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