Walmart Enters the Digital Movie Biz with ‘Disc to Digital’ Service

I tell ya!  That Walmart sells everything from diapers to car parts, don’t they?!  They are nothing more than a hustleman outlet.  Maybe they could change the name to Hustlemart.  And we’re not mad at them (unless they don’t make the decision to disassociate themselves from ALEC).  On top of everything else they sell, now they are going to try their hand at  Vudu!

That’s right! Starting on Monday, April 16, they will introduce their disc to digital service through Walmart’s Vudu online movie service.  The service allows you to bring in your old DVD’s and make a digital online copy to be stored into your very own online library to be viewed on your computer or mobile device, according to Yahoo! News.

But, they will also stamp the DVD, so that  it is not able to be transferred ever again.  The reviewer that tried the service said that he was only able to get six out of 10 of his DVD’s online because Walmart is only licensed for 4,000 titles at this time.  They are still ironing out a distribution deal with more producers, directors, actors and movie companies.

The cost of the digital conversion is as little as $2 per DVD.  But don’t count on ever being able to get any of George Lucas’ stuff in their online library.  The complete Star Wars series is on lockdown! Read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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