Short Film Shows Elderly Man in Nursing Home Revived with Music (Video)

A short film called "Alive Inside" examines life in a nursing home and features one elderly man named Henry and a musical treatment that brings him back to his youthful self.

A lot of our elderly are sent off to pasture after a certain age and left to fend for themselves in nursing homes.  Once they are inside and the last family member says goodbye, their spirits are lost.  They shut down and, in some cases, die from a deadly combination of medical problems made worse by depression.  But a lot occurs between death and the first day in the nursing home.  But one man may have unlocked a treatment for those sinking into depression and memory loss.

A short film called “Alive Inside” follows Yvonne Russell, a recreation therapist at a nursing home, through her days with her elderly patients.  She tries different activities or exercises to make her patients more active and assertive.  One day, she got the shock of a lifetime when she started using music to interact with the patients.  Henry is one of her patients that had been in the nursing home for 10 years after his wife wasn’t able to  properly care for him because of his seizures and other medical issues.

On most days, Henry would be slumped over in his chair providing one word or syllable answers to all of her questions.  But when she brought her iPod to work and let him listen to music from his era, it was as though he was transported 50 years into the past and a young man again.  Your heart strings will be pulled when you hear him sing his songs and come alive before your very eyes.

Watch the unbelievable excerpt from the film below.  God bless you, Yvonne!  God bless you, Henry!

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. God Bless You Yvonne. This gives hope to all of us who have elderly relatives and are at a lost as to how to reach them. This just may be an avenue. THANKS AGAIN!!

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