White Professor Addresses His ‘Brethren’ on White Privilege in Ebony Magazine

(photo retraction: the initial photo placed was of Eric Bolling, a financial news broadcaster for Fox News)David J. Leonard is Associate Professor in the Department of Critical Culture, Gender and Race Studies at Washington State University, Pullman, writes an essay to his own people to audit their status in America.

Three years ago, we reported on an essay written by a righteous white brother by the name of Andrew M. Manis.  At the time, he was a professor of history at Macon State College in Georgia, and his essay was addressing his very own community of the “disunited colonies” telling them that it was time that they “get over it.”  And the “it” was race and the denial of its place in the political and “injustice” system of this country.  He made his plea right after the election of President Obama and reminded his community that race was not a new issue.

Well, on the eve of the president’s possible re-election, race issues are surfacing again and even more representative of the period that Manis discussed coming up in “Bombingham” Alabama. But now a new message is being delivered in Ebony magazine by another white brother, David Leonard, a professor in the department of critical culture at Washington State University.

Leonard wants to remind his people that they cannot ever truly connect with the tragedy of Trayvon Martin because the loss of black children and black women go silently into the night as a societal norm.  But, he points out the call of urgency in America when the tables are turned.  The white family is always priority #1 and the privilege that comes along with their status should be used for good.

The Ebony article reads:

“Yet, from Florida to Los Angeles, from Atlanta to Wisconsin, from Chicago to Ohio, Black families are burying the innocent and the future.   Doesn’t that make you sad; doesn’t that make your angry?  Our silence is telling.  We can barely say their names much less acknowledge the epidemic in our midst:  Stephon Watts. Trayvon Martin. Ramarley Graham. Wendell Allen. Dante Price. Bo Morrison. Rekia Boyd. Kendrec McDade….

I don’t care if you voted for President Obama; have you demanded dramatic changes to our criminal (in)justice system?  It is time for us to check ourselves, to listen and demand a better America starting with ourselves.  It is time to stop denying racism and defending White privilege, distracting and deflecting with “what ifs” and excuses.  It is time to demand justice for the Trayvons and the Rekias, not because it could have been one of our sons and daughters–it couldn’t–but because it is simply the right thing to do.”

Please read the rest of this powerful essay “DEAR WHITE FOLKS:  You Don’t Know How Easy You Have It”.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. That intro pic is of Eric Bolling. He’s the extreme right-winger on Fox’s “The Five”. Dude is definitely no friend of African-Americans.


  2. Thank you Gregory! We will change the photo that was put up in error. We appreciate your support! Please keep reading! Thanks again!

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