Facebook’s Instagram Purchase Has Users Abandoning Ship

Twitter’s followers are so ready to pounce on the information of the day and weigh in and today’s news of Facebook’s purchase of Instagram is no different.  Now some of you don’t know what Instagram is and that’s evident on the recent tweets that announced a merger between Facebook and the picture portal.

According to Yahoo! News, Facebook is acquiring Instagram– the “social photo application for iPhone and Android devices”–for $1 billion and a “few” folks who use it are not happy.  A disappointed 30 million users took to their Twitter accounts in outrage saying things like:

“Uninstalling Instagram,” Engadget co-founder Peter Rojas wrote in response to the news.

“Zuckerberg bought Instagram because a girl didn’t let him take her picture once,” James Urbaniak wrote.

“Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion,” John Durso quipped. “Bankrupt Kodak put on suicide watch.”

The privacy issues that Facebook has grappled with over the years have everyone on edge.  But, what will Facebook do with the photos?  Pass them along to stores that have bad checks from users? Enter them into a private corporate pool where corporations can choose their victims to for over telemarketing and mailings?

Read the full story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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