Boy Builds Cardboard Arcade Draws Mass Attention (Video)

Caine Monroy, 9, builds his very own arcade built completely of cardboard boxes.

There has finally been a reprieve from all of the tragedy and just plain ol’ bad news. The city of East L.A. is home to probably the only handmade arcade in the nation.  The full service entertainment center is made completely of cardboard boxes and constructed by a 9-year old boy.

The boy is Caine Monroy and he worked with his dad last summer in his auto parts store in an industrial section of East LA. Business was slow and he didn’t have anything else to do, so of course the next logical thing for him to do was to build his own arcade made from his dad’s boxes from his supply room.

The little boy finished his arcade complete with tickets akin to those the Chuck E. Cheese game machines reward its customers with, except little Caine jumps in the box and pushes the tickets out to the customer that scores.  His one and only customer, Nirvan, showed up and was so impressed at Caine’s enterprise that he arranged a really nice surprise of something he had been looking forward to since he opened to the public:  Customers…LOTS OF THEM!

Nirvan inquired about the pricing and Caine told him that it was $1 for 4 tries and $2 for a Fun Pass. Well, when he found that he could get 500 tries with the Fun Pass he immediately bought one.  He was in for a surprise when he noticed the security Caine set up for his Fun Pass.  He has calculators on each game to punch a code he’s written on the pass, to validate it as a genuine card.

After his experience, Nirvan asked Caine’s dad George, if he could invite some people to play as well as create a short film about his genius.  Nirvan didn’t stop there though, he  took to Facebook and created an event and constructed a flashmob to greet Caine one day when his dad managed to wrestle him away from his arcade.  Check out the boy wonder.  Make sure your kids watch it with you.  It shows what our children can do when they step away from the Game Boys, PSP’s and DS games.

-J.C. Brooks

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