Baltimore County Schools Get Youngest Superintendent in 50 Years

Baltimore County's new superintendent, S. Dallas Dance, 30, is the youngest in 50 years.

The school systems around the country have been bombarded with poor legislation, poor teachers, poor administration, and many are just plain poor.  But, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon for one school system that will benefit from the new kid on the block…and we do mean kid.

S. Dallas Dance is the new superintendent of Baltimore County schools and he’s only 30-years-old.  He is the youngest superintendent the schools have had in 50 years.  He leaves behind a fledgling career in the Houston school system where he is already missed. But, he has a two-year-old son, Myles, with his former wife in Richmond, Va., and this career move will bring them a lot closer together.

Dance has been referred to as the “Michael Jordan” of school administrators because of his relentless energy to detect and rectify problems in his schools.  He’s changed policies and revamped more than four middle schools through his Apollo progam.   He hit the ground running in Texas by rising through the ranks as chief of schools in just a few years.

He’s already shown his innovative tactics during Baltimore’s search for an administrator.  The search was under wraps, so he wasn’t allowed to go into schools and get the answers he needed to perform at his best.  So Dance took to the 7-eleven’s around the county asking parents questions  about the schools they send their children to in Baltimore County.

But while Dance has garnered his share of accolades, he also has his share of criticism and skeptics. Baltimore had to obtain a waiver from the state to place him in the position because he lacked the required teaching experience required for the position. But, the young administrator is hopeful and so far his background has Houston rooting for him in his new position.  They insist that he will surpass expectations.

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-J.C. Brooks

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