UPDATE: Howard Morgan Given 40 Years!

Howard Morgan's wife, Rosalind Morgan, responds to hearing her husband receive 40-year sentence for allegedly shooting four Chicago cops that shot him 28 times during a routine traffic stop in 2005.

The perplexing case of Howard Morgan, the railroad detective we reported on Tuesday that was to be sentenced on Thursday for the attempted murder of four Chicago cops that shot him 28 times, was settled yesterday in court with a judgment of a staggering 40-year sentence.

The Morgan campaign was unsuccessful in keeping Howard Morgan out of prison.  The case is completely riddled with inaccuracies and inconsistencies that simply do not add up. Morgan’s wife, Rosalind Morgan, called the judgment “ludicrous,” according to NBC Chicago.  She feels the case is steeped in racism and cover-up…just as everyone else with eyes and ears that have watched this case.

Surely, they will fight to appeal this case and seek Morgan’s freedom.  One of the officers that claims to be shot by Morgan even put on a stellar performance saying:

“You shot me, Morgan,” Wrigley yelled in court. “You came very close to taking my life. … you slandered our reputations as police officers. … you are a fraud.”

Read the full report here and be sure to read the comments on the story below.  We’re not alone in feeling that this case is a modern day lynching.

-J.C. Brooks

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