The Master’s Tournament Criticized for Club Barring Women

Augusta National Golf Club hosts the Master's amid controversy over barring women from membership.

Racism isn’t the only discrimination system that is alive and well in today’s society. One would believe that women’s rights were still being shelved as if they were still fighting for voting rights during the suffrage movement of the 19th century with the latest light being shed on the golf club hosting the Master’s, but bars women from being members.

Who would think that President Obama and Mitt Romney were end up on the same page on a controversy.  The Augusta National Golf Club is under fire from all sides of the issue on barring women from their club as the Master’s prepares to tee off on their green, according to USA Today.

The report includes information or the lack of information on the issue from chairman Billy Payne:

“On the eve of the Masters, chairman Billy Payne was again peppered with questions about whether the 80-year-old club would change its restrictive policy.

In keeping with the club’s secretive traditions, he refused to provide a clear answer when asked repeatedly by the media, saying only that membership issues were not for public debate.”

Read the full report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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