Coca-Cola & Pepsi Drop Partnership with Racist Corporate Lobby Group (Video)

There has always been conspiracy theories that have warned of an underlying super power out there controlling things…vicious things.  And now, that strange, foreboding, nameless force has been exposed by their own…Corporate America!

Last night on MSNBC’s Ed Show, a shocking revelation of the force behind legislation that has disenfranchised minorities for decades was named and denounced when Coca Cola and Pepsi announced that they were distancing themselves from ALEC.  You say you never heard of ALEC before?  Well, join the club!

ALEC stands for American Legislative Exchange Council and is composed primarily of conservative Republicans.  No fingers were pointed last night as to the specific members of the corporate lobby group, but being informed  that ALEC is one of the entities behind helping the “Stand Your Ground” law come to fruition was priceless.  By now, we are all aware that this law is behind the reasoning there has not been an arrest of George Zimmerman.

Van Jones–that righteous brother that resigned from his position as White House environmental adviser for being too much of a radical activist helping to expose Bush’s hand in 9/11 as well as right wing Republican mayhem–was on the Ed Show to inform us just how major  the Coke and Pepsi division from ALEC really is.

Jones said:

“I believe you’re going to see a stampede of mainstream corporate groups saying, ‘Holy crap, we’ve been writing these $25,000 checks to these groups.’ Listen, Trayvon, that child died, the police said we can’t put the killer in jail because of this stand your ground, kill at will law. It came from ALEC. Trayvon’s not safe walking to the store. His mom’s not safe walking to the voting booth because of the voting disenfranchisement laws. And a Latino is not safe walking to work because of the same thing. They are in grave danger of having their brands tarnished.”

Watch this groundbreaking interview that is shocking and disturbing to not only the general public, but the corporations that have supported this group.  But, something tells me that the sinister, anti-minority “council” is reminiscent of the CCC and not as many corporations as Jones might think are unwittingly affiliated with them and their beliefs. Walmart has already said it’s not breaking ties with ALEC.

The CCC (Council of Conservative Citizens), which included membership of powerful Republicans like former Senate Majority Leader, Trent Lott, and Bob Barr (R-Ga.) was exposed for its ties with anti-black, anti-Latino, anti-immigration and anti-gay beliefs that would prove to influence their votes and legislation in Congress.

Watch as our SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, John Boehner, is openly supporting ALEC!  This is an explosive teaching moment on the Ed Show.  Know your enemies, people!  They’re being exposed, so we don’t have any excuses come election time!

-J.C. Brooks

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4 thoughts on “Coca-Cola & Pepsi Drop Partnership with Racist Corporate Lobby Group (Video)”

  1. Wow! Racist and homophobic republicans??? Now that’s a surprise. NOT!!!!!! When I hear the word “republican” it sends chills down my spine because I think if that party as the US’ largest hate group. If they had their way every gay, black, or brown person in this country would either be a slave or dead.

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