Piers Morgan and Toure’ in Nasty Debate Over Martin Case (Video)

The media has been on top of the Trayvon Martin case by covering it from various angles and bringing out as much information or evidence as quick as possible.  Most agree that there is a severe injustice within the justice system and George Zimmerman should be arrested and put on trial.  But one well known journalist took away from that focal point and took to Twitter to berate and belittle another over who he chose to interview about the case and his line of questioning.

On Piers Morgan’s show Friday night it was like watching a verbal assault akin to one of the best Floyd Mayweather fights.  Piers Morgan and Toure’ battled it out via satellite because Toure’ took to Twitter in an effort to discredit Morgan and the interview he did with George Zimmerman’s brother Robert Zimmerman, Jr., the night before.  Toure’ took issue with the interview because he said that Morgan didn’t “challenge” Zimmerman enough.  He then continued with some rather scathing and immature remarks regarding his cronies taunting Morgan at NBC saying:

“in the hallways (at NBC) we were laughing at you. We wouldn’t take him. Standards and Practices at NBC wouldn’t let (Robert Zimmerman) get through the door.”

Well, there’s a flaw in Toure’s argument right there.  If you are a true professional in journalism, you invite anyone to the table and can handle them accordingly.  That was evident when MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell invited not only Joe Oliver, but also his attorney (which ran away) to have a platform that allowed them to speculate on the crime just as Piers Morgan invited Zimmerman’s brother into his studio.

But if Piers Morgan didn’t do his job with Zimmerman, he certainly made his case with Toure’.  The suggestion that Morgan acted “unprofessional” and is too far away from the heart of the issue because he’s from England, turns the issue on its ear and adds to the problem.  Toure’ while struggling to make his case against Morgan’s journalistic fervor and/or lack of professionalism came off quite juvenile and unprofessional himself.  Remember we reported the mess he made while trying to weigh in on Whitney Houston’s life during a Lawrence O’Donnell interview that included Al Sharpton, Kelly Price, and Ricky Minor?  That panel of Whitney’s friends may accuse Toure’ of the same thing that he’s accusing Morgan of; he’s simply not close enough to the issue to properly report on it.

Morgan also took Toure’ to task on a little “joke” he came up with in the beginning of the Martin case:

Piers: “You tweeted this on the 19th of March. New slang. You’re Zimmermaning me equals you’re killing me.’ That’s a pretty serious responsible piece of journalism, isn’t it, Touré?”

Toure: “In the first days, in the first weeks of the situation, what I was trying to do is to pile on and to say ‘Hey, look, this guy is not doing the right thing. This guy has harmed somebody in our community.’ Some people misconstrued that. But this is an incredibly serious situation.”

Piers: “So serious that you felt the need to throw out jokes.”

The ridiculous back and forth over such a serious issue made for good TV, but failed to be a respectful, informative moment on the very person that deserves the attention, Trayvon Martin.  Toure’ was treated like a child and his argument was lost in his emotional tirade.  Media attention is media attention and the last thing we want to see happen is the story fade away like so many others.  In fact, many were thankful for getting the opportunity to get some inkling of what Zimmerman’s family is like, what they’re thinking, and just how hard we need to rally against them.

Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think.

-J.C. Brooks

6 thoughts on “Piers Morgan and Toure’ in Nasty Debate Over Martin Case (Video)”

  1. [email protected] says:

    Tour’e is always trying to get some shine. At ANY cost. I can see right through this.

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