Mitt Romney Avoids Questions on Interracial Relationships in His Mormon Faith (Video)

The republican candidate of the hour is Mitt Romney.  He’s riding pretty high on his win in the primary elections in Maryland, Wisconsin, and D.C. yesterday.  But, his bones continue to fall out of his closet as he remains in the campaign.  As he campaigned in Mormon country, Wisconsin was obviously fine with his answers on whether he believed that “it’s a sin for a white man to marry and procreate with a black woman.”

But as he hurried to answer “no” and move on, the Ron Paul supporter, Bret Hatch, 28, blasted him with more controversial questions on race that are linked to Romney’s Mormon faith.  According to The Grio, he asked Romney whether he agreed with a passage from the Book of Mormon “that describes a cursing of people with a ‘skin of blackness.’ ” But before he could read the full passage, Romney’s staff snatched the microphone from Hatch.

But, in case there was any confusion on what Romney’s response, or lack thereof, really meant, Lawrence O’Donnell interpreted the entire sordid affair for us.  But not only did he interpret Romney’s avoidance of the issue, he gave a history lesson on the Mormon faith that was equally concerning as Romney’s dodge.

Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

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4 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Avoids Questions on Interracial Relationships in His Mormon Faith (Video)”

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  2. Voting for a Racist isn’t going to CHANGE ANYTHING!!! I have a simple math equation Mitt Romney + Morman faith – Hitler = Mitt Romney is lower than HITLER because at least HITLER owned up to what he BELIEVED! Can we say Nov 2012 HOLOCAUST !!! I’m not saying Obama is the BEST choice but I’d rather live in purgatory than HELL! The funny thing about racist is that they fail to realize that most people especially in the USA have another “RACE” in there GENEAOLOGY “FAMILY TREE” I just found out my great great great grand father is 100% Sioux Native and my GREAT GREAT grand mother is West AFRICAN!!! I wonder what we would find in Mitt Romney’s family tree:>) His family MIGHT have owned some slaves and his WHITE ancestors most likely dipped in the chocolate! Which clearly means he MIGHT have some unknown BLACK relatives. Whoever you don’t like will be in your family! “Chris Rock” P.S. I’M as WHITE AS SNOW and BLONDER than every fake blond ever and my green eyes are just lovely:>) GOD BLESS THE HUMAN RACE:) Maybe Romney and Obama are related LOL;)

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